Why small businesses need a website

Why small businesses need a website

There are many reasons for small business owners to really consider setting up a website for their business. Some of the reason are down below;

A site improves customer experiences : 

Studies have shown that over 70-80% of people will research a company on the web before making a purchase decision, usually by visiting its website. More often than not, customers are looking for much than a website where they can make purchases or read up about a company.

They also want an opportunity to bond with the brand and align with its vision, values, and goals. They also want to gain value in form of advice and content that help them in their daily lives. A business that has a website that checks all of the above will not have a hard time gaining market penetration.

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Know your customers with a site

Did you know you can become aware of who is buying from you, right down to their name? This is called lead generation and it is one of the great benefits of owning a business website.

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Rather than standing in the streets to get these personal details from them, a website will bring them to your ‘doorstep’. If they like you enough, they will tell you about themselves so that you can keep in touch with them using a channel like an email.

A website verifies the existence of your business :

After you make the first contact with a potential client offline, one of their initial moves is to check you online. By this I mean on the world wide web, occasionally, through a Google Search.
Customers are constantly searching for businesses that meet their needs per time.

If nothing relevant comes up, it immediately gives a bad representation of your business and makes it look like you’re unserious. The cost of setting up a website nowadays is marginally low. You could even build one yourself through the variety of site builders online. There are no excuses.

It gives you visibility :

In the age of the internet, it is a constant battle between businesses to gain the attention of their customers, as long as they can. This is usually an uphill challenge that cannot be solved without a well-functioning website.

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Through a website that is
search engine optimized with the right content and keywords, customers will not have a hard time discovering your business and converting to return buyers.

Sell and promote your services for little to nothing:

The cost of maintaining a website is negligible in comparison to its offline alternative, say, an advert on a billboard. A well-designed website which beautifully displays what services and products your business offers will bring in much more return than relying on only offline marketing channels.

Now, this is not to say offline is bad, but depending on who your target audience is, an omnichannel marketing strategy will be most effective as it covers both online and offline audiences.

It complements your social media presence :

Because of the ease of setting up social media accounts, many small business owners remain at that stage of marketing their businesses online without going for the idea of having a website. While it is commendable to have a strong presence on social, it is far from acceptable to only rely on these channels.

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In the case that some of these social platforms should vanish one day, where else would they turn? Therefore a website is a better archive and platform to relay your brand story and establish a presence online.

Worthy of mention here is how Facebook uses a system called Pixel to track who has been to your website for better ad targeting. You will be losing out of this feature if you do not have a website hence leading you to pay much more than you should for your desired results.


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