When Is JAMB 2022 Registration Starting?

This is a comprehensive guide on JAMB registration 2022/2023 for prospective students who wish to get admitted to a university this academic year.

More than two-thirds of students who appear for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) each year fail, according to estimates, because of a lack of knowledge.

Don’t let yourself become a victim of such tragic situations. To prevent this, I strongly advise you to carefully go through this post, which includes all of the information you will need to successfully register for, sit for, and pass your next JAMB test.

Even if it is normal to be anxious before the JAMB exam, the situation worsens when candidates do not have enough information. Among other things, you will learn about the following topics in this article:

The Start And End Dates For JAMB Registration In 2022

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB), which is administering the UTME, has not yet announced when JAMB forms would be made available.

However, based on careful observation and a study of previous dates, it is anticipated that registration will begin in late March or early April, given that most universities have completed their 2021 admissions procedures. This should thus serve as a warning to any prospective students who are considering applying to JAMB.

Every prospective student should be reminded that JAMB 2022 is far closer than most of you may believe due to this announcement.

Date of commencement: April 8, 2022

The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2022.

How To Register For The JAMB 2022 Exam On The Internet

When someone hears this query, they may think to themselves, “Of course, I can have it done at any internet café in my neighborhood.” If that’s what you’re aiming for, you’re entirely incorrect.

In computer cafés, you will not be able to access JAMB forms. Instead, JAMB forms may only be obtained from CBT locations that have been accredited.

Now, you should be aware that more than a hundred CBT facilities in Nigeria are not authorized, and if you are unlucky enough to fall into their hands, you will be scammed.

What is the best way to identify authorized CBT centers?

As of 2021, there were Eight Hundred, and Seventeen (817) approved computer-based (CBT) centers. As a result, the best course of action for you as a candidate is to review the list of accredited centers across Nigeria.

To choose the most convenient certified centers for you, you should first read through the list of accredited centers and select those closest to your residence. For a complete list of certified centers, please see https://www.jamb.gov.ng/Accreditted_Centres

During the registration process, you will be asked personal details such as where you live and want to take your examination.

Please do not mistake “where you want to take your exam” with your state of origin.

You will be assigned to any region you want to sit for the test.

The Requirements for JAMB Registration In 2022

Specific requirements should be met before you can successfully register for JAMB UTME. If you miss any conditions, you will not register for the examination. Below are 5 of these requirements.

  • Have A National Identification Number (NIN)

First and foremost, every applicant should be aware that obtaining a National Identification Number (NIN) has been made mandatory as a condition for registration in the year 2022. In the absence of a NIN, there will be no registration.

Consequently, I would strongly encourage all hopefuls who are reading this to get their National Identification Number (NIN) before the start of registration and examination.

Aside from having a NIN, there are various other factors that students should be aware of before entering test locations.

  • Be Particular About Your SSCE Results

Some people believe, and you may have heard them claim, that to register for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, one must have taken the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and Nation Examination Council (NECO).

That is inaccurate.

In other words, if you haven’t written WASSCE and NECO before the start of JAMB registration, you are in the clear; but, you must be ready to do it (SSCE) the following year.

The only thing you have to do is declare upon registration that you will be utilizing the awaiting result option, which means that you do not yet have a result.

  • Have An Email Account

Make sure you have an active email account that you can access from any location at any time. Students will get this email to receive any essential information from the administration.

  • An Active Phone Number

Another item that is required is a working telephone number. This is particularly significant since these numbers will be used to transmit critical information regarding UTME.

  • E-Pins And Profile Codes

The purchase of e-pins and the development of profile codes, both included in the price of the e-pins, may be completed at approved computer-based test (CBT) facilities.

There is no need to worry about this since it may be obtained without difficulty.

  • Confirm The Validity Of Your Details

Lastly, double-check that all of the information you provided to your registrar is accurate, and make sure you print off your registration sheet.

Choosing Colleges For The JAMB 2022 Examination

It should be noted that throughout the JAMB registration process, candidates will be required to provide information for four different Higher Education Institutions.

Federal Universities must be the first option, followed by State Universities, then Colleges of Education, and finally a Polytechnic or Educational Institution as the final choice.

It would be best never to choose a single school for all four available spots. As a result, before enrolling in any higher institution, every candidate must thoroughly study.

To choose their initial preference, candidates can choose any Federal University.

It is important to note that there are several Federal Institutions. Thus, please do an online search for your selected university.

Additionally, it is generally good to choose institutions situated in one’s home state to boost one’s acceptance chances.

However, all colleges do not use this technique unless your state falls within the ELDS (education less privileged) category. Students from education less privileged conditions are always given extra attention throughout the admissions process.

States that come under the jurisdiction of ELDS include Bayelsa, Kano, Benue, Niger, and several others.

Choosing Courses For The JAMB 2022 Examination

When selecting the appropriate courses, many students (aspirants) are often perplexed.

It is a cultural norm that everyone has one or two courses that they want to pursue. But how much do you know about the course of study you’re enrolled in? Is the course offered by the institution you selected even available? All of these are things aspirants should consider before deciding on a university or course.

Confirmation can be found on the website of your preferred university. As long as the course is available, you can proceed with your registration; otherwise, you can choose another university that offers the course or change to a different course entirely.

In conclusion, you need to understand as an applicant that admission is dependent mainly on academic performance. As a result, the higher your jamb score and WASSCE marks, the greater your chances of being admitted. So, register for the UTME while considering the information contained in this guide. Good luck!


Here are some answers to questions concerning JAMB examination

How much is Jamb form?

The official cost of registering for the UTME is Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N3,500). Don’t get your hopes up just yet. The cost of a Computer Based Test center (CBT) and a suggested literary book will also be an extra seven hundred naira (N700) and five hundred Naira (N500), respectively. Just budget ₦7000 to ₦10,000 so you can cover miscellaneous expenses.

How long does it take for the payment to be processed?

Once forms are made available, it is always advisable to obtain them as soon as possible to avoid being sent to far-flung locations for examinations. When it comes to the length of time required, it takes a minimum of two months and sometimes even more, depending on the circumstances.

Is the exam strictly computer-based?

Yes. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is strictly computer-based (CBT). As a result, it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with using a computer before sitting for the test.

What is the minimum age for the UTME?

You must be 16 years old or older to register for the JAMB.

Has the registration for the JAMB 2022 examination been canceled or postponed?

I’m not sure when people will stop spreading falsehoods and spreading false information regarding this JAMB.

The board has canceled or postponed; thus, refrain from reading or spreading unconfirmed information.

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