Top Websites To Buy And Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

Top Websites To Buy And Sell Gift Cards In NigeriaAre you a Nigerian and receive gift cards from friends or family abroad? if yes then this article is for you.

Do you know you can convert your gift cards to cash with no stress? Specifically, if you are in Nigeria, get ready to sell them because there are several platforms where you can easily and quickly exchange gift cards with Naira.

We are in a computer era where most transactions are done online, Since we are dealing online it means we sometimes don’t know who we deal with, a lot of people have gone into online scamming raising doubt in the mind of a lot of people.

In this article, I am about listing top websites where you can trade your gift cards for cash without fear of you getting scammed.

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 List Of The Top Websites To Buy And Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

1) Paxful

No doubt Paxful is the biggest gift card trading website, they even have options for cryptocurrency trading.

Paxful is a registered company so you don’t have to be scared to entrust your cards to them, reason, why Paxful is unique, is, they have the Peer 2 Peer(P2P) buying and selling method making it easier to trade to people in or outside the country.

Paxful has good protection over its users against fraud and scams.

2) MyPatricia

MyPatricia which was launched in 2017 has proven to be the second-largest gift card trading website in Nigeria.

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Though they don’t have the Peer 2 Peer method, they are so popular and reliable as a registered company in Nigeria.

3) is also a registered company in Nigeria, so you can trade your gift cards with peace of mind.

4) Cardtonic

Cardtonic is also a top website where you can trade your gift cards for cash with ease.

5) Truvender

Truvender is also a top trending card trading website with high security and fast payment, they are also a registered company so you can entrust your cards with them,

Why is Truvender unique? well, I will say they have the best rates, Truvender offers mouth-watering rates in the purchase of gift cards, surprising right? yes, they are Legit so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

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