Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

In this post, we have decided to highlight the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria, Before that let’s define the term “Yahoo Boy” as used in Nigerian society.

  Who is a Yahoo boy?  according to “Urban dictionary”, A Yahoo boy is a person that does shady deals using the internet as a medium for communicating.

These fraudulent activities include duping people of their hard-earned money with various scam formats. Some of these “formats” include cryptocurrency investment scams, dating/marriage scams, betting/lottery scams, and so on.

These guys normally scam foreign people, but nowadays they scam locally through some means like Ponzi schemes, peer to peer, and others.

There are a lot of internet scammers(Yahoo boys) in the countries today, these guys make money by defrauding various innocent citizens of their money online, therefore, becoming unthinkably rich overnight.

When you look around you see that 50% of people in the country engage in a get rich quick scheme thereby engaging in this online scam since most of the world’s transactions are mainly online.

How To Be A Yahoo Boy

Yahoo is illegal in Nigeria so there is no way you can learn how to be a yahoo boy online, but you will need a laptop, internet connection, a good accent, and other tools.

Without many writeups let’s dive into the top list of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria and their pictures?

Disclaimer! TheNaijaInfo doesn’t support or advise anyone to take part in any form of online fraud, we will not be held responsible for any illegal actions you make.

We compiled this article based on numerous requests from our readers who want to know who the richest Nigerian Yahoo boys are and we are you in any way advising you to partake in such crime, also note it is illegal to be a yahoo boy and the penalties are severe.


List Of The Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

The number one on our richest yahoo boys in Nigeria list is


1) Ray Hushpuppi

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

In 2020 Hushpupi is the talk of the town with his extravagant lifestyle, he is strikingly rich and the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.

Ray Hushpuppi is a die-hard Gucci fan as he is always sharing photos and videos of himself spending money lavishly on this brand.

In late June Hushpuppi was said to be involved in an online scam of hundreds of millions of dollars” from business email compromise frauds and other scams, incriminating documents were said to be found of planned frauds worth a total of $435 Million.

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Also seized in the arrest were $40.9 million in cash, 12 luxury cars valued at $6.8 million, 21 Computer Devices, 47 Smartphones, 15 memory sticks, and five hard disks containing “119,580 fraud files as well as addresses of 1,926,400 victims.”

Though the case was just an allegation, just check out what was found in his domain $40.9 million in cash, 12 luxury cars valued at $6.8 million,21 Computer Devices, and 47 Smartphones, wow! he is the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria, he is the role model of most aspiring Yahoo boys in Nigeria.

Below is a list of just a few of Ray Hushpuppi’s cars that we know of;

  • Range Rover Sport SUV
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith (Sedan & Coupe)
  • Range Rover Vogue
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUV (₦45 million)
  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650 (worth ₦72million)
  • Bentley Bentayga (worth ₦84million)
  • Ferrari 488 GTB (₦92.4million)
  • Ferrari 458 Italia (worth ₦150mllion)
  • 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV (₦117.2million)


2) Invictus Obi

download 1 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Invictus Obi was once listed as Forbes’s most promising entrepreneurs in Africas 30 under in 2016  he rose from Grace to Grass as he is been held in FBI custody.

Invictus Obi is the second richest yahoo boy in Nigeria topping Mompha after his schemes on the dark web and fraudulent acts were exposed by both the EFCC and FBI. Invictus Obi old the record for running the biggest cyber fraud in Nigeria after Hushpuppi.

Before he was arrested, Invictus Obi had lived a very private life away from the social media unlike some of his colleges that flaunt their wealth on Instagram.

3) Ismaila Mompha

download 2 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Mompha is an alleged internet fraudster or Yahoo boy who is popularly known for posting photos of him holding lots of cash on social media, although he claims to be Bureau De Change venture owner, so he is always seen with a large sum of money.

In early October 2019, Mompha was arrested by the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for alleged internet fraud/scam and money laundering while he was boarding a flight from Abuja to Dubai. In December 2019 he was granted bail after meeting bail conditions.

He is the third-richest yahoo boy in Nigeria and here are some of his cars,

  • Chevrolet Tahoe (₦17.8 million)
  • Range Rover SUV (₦32.1 million)
  • Mercedes AMG G63 (₦53.1 million)
  • Lamborghini Huracan (₦73.6 million)
  • Mclaren 650s (₦95.5 million)
  • Ferrari 488 Spider at (₦108 million)
  • 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith (₦119.3 million)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (₦151 million)
  • 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith Eagle VIII (₦162 million)



4) Woodberry

download 3 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Olalekan Ponle who is popularly known as “Woodberry” is a Nigerian socialite and (allegedly), one of the richest Nigerians yahoo boys right now.

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In late June Hushpuppi alongside Woodberry was said to be involved in an online scam of hundreds of millions of dollars” from business email compromise frauds and other scams, incriminating documents were said to be found of planned frauds worth a total of $435 Million.

Before his arrest, Woodberry is well known as a Nigerian socialite and a very popular figure on Instagram due to the way he posts about his lavish lifestyle on the social media platform.


5) Shy Boss

shy boss Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

ShyBoss, as he is popularly known, happens to be the fifth-richest yahoo boy in Nigeria, I don’t know why he chose the name Shy Boss because he is nowhere near being shy as he spends lavishly and lives extravagantly both online and offline, Shy Boss made it to the third position of our list of the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.


6) Baddy Oosha

baddy oosha Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Badmus Akeem, popularly known as BaddyOsha is a popular and also one of the richest yahoo boys in Nigeria.

He is a Malaysian-based Nigerian he outranked B Naira due to his reckless spending and famous lifestyle.

Baddy Oosha has also worked formerly as an actor with popular names in the Nigerian movie industry like Toyin Abraham and so on. He has done some music collabo with the likes of Lil Kesh, 9ice, and Olamide.

9ice the Nigerian musician listed Baddy Oosha as one of the top Yahoo boys in his music titled “Living Things”.


7) King Jide

download 4 1 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

King Jide who is also a rich yahoo boy is also included on this list, South African based Nigerian, popularly known as the Major of Capetown.

His source of wealth is still unknown, but he lives an extravagant lifestyle making it obvious he is a Yahoo boy, he once posted a photo of a receipt of the Dom Perignon and 30 Ace he bought for a whopping sum of 5 Million Nigerian Naira.

With his lavish lifestyle, he has been able to gather lots of followers on social media, influencing the youths in the country.


8) Opa-6ix

opa six Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun popularly known as Opa-six is also among the top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria, he also gets few mentions from popular musicians like Small Doctor, Reminisce, and 9ice.

As a tradition, he is always on social flaunting his wealth and his big boy lifestyle making him more than average, he is rich.


9) Aremo Gucci

aremo gucci Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Just like Huspuppi Aremo is also a lover of the  Gucci brand, I guess that is why I gave himself Aremo Gucci.

He is also one of the richest Nigerian guys you’ll find on Instagram with his regular uploads of photos and videos of him spending huge cash on highly expensive items like designer clothes, cars, and drinks.

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Aside from Gucci clothes, Aremo Gucci also spends his money lavishly on a lot of other things like expensive houses and sports cars which costs millions of dollars.

With his reckless spending with no known company endorsement ordeal or any actual source of income, just Gucci outfits, and G-wagon fleet we come to terms that he is a yahoo boy and he is good at it as he has never been found guilty of the crime.


10) Deskid Wayne

deskid wayne with money Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (Updated)

Here comes the tenth richest yahoo boy in Nigeria.

Deskid Wayne is one of the most influential Yahoo Boys in Nigeria as aspiring yahoo boys see him as a role model, He became popular after he uploaded a video of him burning Thousands of US Dollars went viral.

Among the listed yahoo guys, This guy is one of the youngest who “cash-out” daily and he is always quick to show it on his various social media handles.

There was a viral picture where he scattered dollars around his room and also turning them into the carpet, even with his reckless spending he is still loyal to his said girlfriend.

Here are some of the top yahoo boys in Nigeria

  • B Naira
  • Investor BJ
  • Classicman411
  • Dharmierichie
  • Jowizazaa
  • Opaka1
  • Lowki Funds
  • Obafemi Laborita
  • Young Money



Do you want to become a yahoo boy/girl? if yes please know the act is punishable to jail so please detest from it you can engage in legit online business here is a way you can make money online in  legit way.



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