Top 10 Richest Footballers In The world [Forbes-2020]

Top 10 Richest Footballers In The world

The Richest Footballers In The World

Are you a lover of sports, football to be precise, and you want to know who is the richest footballer in the world 2020 maybe if your favourite player is among, then you are in the right place as we bring you the top 10 richest footballers in the world 2020.

The world’s richest footballer is not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi as you have been led to believe or maybe they were in the past but not anymore, though they are still on the richest footballers in the world 2020 list.

Why don’t you scroll down and find Who Is The Richest Footballer In 2020 aside Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

 1) Prince Faiq Jefri Bolkiah: Net Worth ($20billion)

Who Is The Richest Footballer In The world 2019

Faiq Jefri Bolkiah was born on May 9th, 1998 he is the nephew of the Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah Yes, Faiq’s father is the mega-rich Prince Jefri Bolkiah, younger brother to the Sultan of Brunei.

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Aside from football, Faiq has a lot of Establishment inherited from his father His Royal Highness Prince Jefri Bolkiah of the oil-rich kingdom of Brunei Darussalam—located over 11,000 kilometres away on the South Pacific island of Brunei.

He is a midfielder for the reserve side of Premier League club Leicester City and the Brunei national team.

According to Goal .com he is the richest footballer in the world 2020

2) Cristiano Ronaldo: Net Worth ($450 Million)

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Juventus pays him a whopping €30 million per year currently aside tax and bonuses. He has his clothing line, perfume, and he is also a supermodel. C Ronaldo also loves acting in which he promised to join Hollywood when he retires from football.

He is a five-time Ballon d’Or awards winner and also a five-times champions league winner.


3) Lionel Messi: Net Worth ($400 Million)

Lionel Messi’s status as the world’s best player has started to translate into endorsement more opportunities. The Barcelona star man is also a five-time Ballon d’Or awards winner alongside C Ronaldo, lots of people have been searching the net to know who is better, between Messi and C.Ronaldo.

4) Neymar Jr da Silva: Net Worth ($350 Million)

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This Brazilian professional footballer is the 5th richest footballer in the world. He was born February 5th, 1992, to his father, Neymar Santos.

Playing with Santos FC in 2003, he was made known when he played against Barcelona with an outstanding performance, thereby bringing him into the team and also winning the champions league.

He also held the world record of the highest signed player in the history of football, when he left Barcelona in 2017 for Paris Saint Germain where he signed a five-year contract with a sum of $263 million (€222 million)


5) Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Net Worth ($190 Million)



Zlatan Ibrahimovic is on the 5th spot on the wealthiest footballers in the world list, with a net worth of $190 million.

Having Left PSG to his former club which is Ac Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been doing great football-wise, he is a great player, The Swedish star is among the most decorated active footballer in the world.

So far, he has won 32 trophies in his career. Ibrahimovic, who has played in Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, and England, has scored over 500 professional goals for clubs and country.


6) Wayne Rooney: Net Worth ($160 Million)



The England Attacker is on the sixth spot on this list, According to Forbes, he earns $22 million from soccer, and he also gets $5 million from endorsements deal with Nike, Ford, and Nokia.

He also signed a 5 million euro deal with “Harper Collins,” which is the largest sportsbook in publishing history.

Although he left D.C, United for Derby, on January 1st, he is still doing a great job as an attacker in the club.

7) Gareth Bale: Net Worth ($125 Million)


The Welsh and Real Madrid player is made the top 10 lists, with the net worth of $125 million, $15 million as salary per year, and $24 million for endorsements from the likes of Adidas, Nissan, Footlocker, Lucozade and many more. Gareth Bale made the top 10 richest footballers list.

He is a great footballer who is among the super Real Madrid team that lifted the Uefa Champions league three times in a row.


8) Eden Hazard: Net Worth  ($100 Million)


Eden Hazard is the number eight players on the list, whoever thought the ex Lille and Chelsea player would make it quickly to the list.

The Belgian international has signed a five-year deal at the Bernabéu, plus his endorsements from Nike, FIFA video games, and Belgium based lotus bakeries totals his net worth at a sum of 100 million dollars.


9) Paul Pogba: Net Worth ($85 Million)



The France player, who was a record signing for Manchester United, is among the richest football players in the world with a net worth of $85 million.

Paul Pogba is among the France team that won the Fifa World cup with an outstanding performance, He signed a five-year contract with Manchester United with $20 million salaries in a year asides bonus and he earns $4.5 million from endorsements with Adidas as the major sponsor.


10) Yaya Toure: Net Worth  ($70 Million)


The last on the richest footballers in the world is none other than Yaya Toure, who is an ex-Manchester City player and a central midfielder for Ivory Coast.

Playing for a China club is one of the best ways to get rich quickly for some footballers, there are some players who have made this list of the world’s richest players just by playing for a Chinese club.

Aside from football Yaya Toure has other endorsements and businesses.

Top 10 Richest Footballers In The world

  • Faiq Bolkiah

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Cr7

  • Lionel Messi

  • Neymar Jr da Silva

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • Wayne Rooney

  • Gareth Bale

  • Eden Hazard

  • Paul Pogba

  • Yaya Toure