Top 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria (Updated 2020)

top 10 most developed states in nigeria

Top 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria

We Have 36 states in Nigeria, each state has its development level, not all states are well developed which is caused by maybe mismanagement of public funds by the government and other factors.

Most of these Developed states are among the top 10 richest states in Nigeria and can survive independently without allocation from the federal government, while some are still not developed even with the huge amount generated by the state.

We bring to you the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria, this list is being determined by some factors which are, access to basic amenities by inhabitants of the said state, level of infrastructural development, internally generated revenue, the standard of living and a whole lot of other ranking factors.

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Without wasting much of your time let’s dive into the list of the

Top 10 Most Developed States In Nigeria

  • Lagos State

  • Abuja

  • Anambra State

  • Rivers State

  • Abia State

  • Enugu State

  • Kano State

  • Akwa Ibom State

  • Ogun State

  • Oyo State

1) Lagos State

Aside from being the most developed state, Lagos state is the richest and the second most populated state in Nigeria, that is why it is being called the “Mega City”.

Although Lagos state is a small state, the economy of Lagos is being ranked the 5th largest in Africa with its IGR pegged at more than N300 million on an annual basis.

Lagos state has a fast-growing economy in Nigeria that is why it is often called the financial center of Nigeria.

2) Abuja 

Abuja, which is the country’s capital is also included in this top 10 list.

Abuja is currently located in the middle part of Nigeria and it was created to replace Lagos State as the capital of Nigeria in December 1991.

Though Abuja is not just a state, it is the capital of Nigeria, but since it is included in the 36 states in Nigeria, it should be included in the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria too.

3) Anambra

Anambra state which is an eastern state happens to be the 3rd most developed state in Nigeria with one of the highest rates of infrastructural development and a very low rate of poverty in the state making the standard of living at a normal rate.

There are major cities in the state in which business thrives, which are; Onitsha, Nkpor,  Nnewi, and Awka which is the state capital.

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4) Rivers State

When we talk about the developed states in Nigeria, we will talk about Rivers’ state, this state has contributed greatly to Nigeria’s economical success.

Rivers state is the top-oil producing state in Nigeria since its inception, Apart from its richness in oil production with a very high GDP, Rivers State is also one of the most developed cities in Nigeria where businesses and investments thrive massively.

5) Abia State

Abia state is the second eastern state to appear in the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria list.

Abia state appeared on this list is because Aba which is located in Abia state is one of the major industrial cities within the state where businesses such as textile manufacturing, footwear, soap, cement, plastics are produced.

6) Enugu State

Enugu state which its slogan is “Coal City State” is a developed state due to its high commercial activities going on a daily basis.

Enugu state happens to be one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria due to the fact the state government is investing heavily in state security to ensure that residents within the state are been protected at all costs.

As a developed state Enugu has one of the best schools in the country such as the University of Nigeria(Nsukka), and Enugu State University of Science and Technology(ESUT).

7) Kano State

Kano state is the most developed state in the Northern part of Nigeria and also the second most populated part of the country.

Aside from the state high participation in agriculture, Kano state is also one of the most industrialized states in Nigeria next to  Lagos state, and also the wealth of this state is visible in it’s fast-growing internally generated revenue and overall Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

8) Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom state is a well-developed state and economically stable state due to its gas and oil production.

Besides, Akwa Ibom state boasts of seaports, airports, one of the most stunning International Stadium which is arguably the best stadium in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa for 2019 which was built by Godswill Akpabio.

9) Ogun State

Due to its closeness with Lagos state Ogun state happens to be among the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria and also the third most industrialized state in the country after Lagos state and Kano state.

Ogun state remains a top choice for graduates in search of jobs as the state is an industrial and manufacturing hub.

Top factories and companies are located in the state, boosting its GDP and making the state a developed one.

10) Oyo State

Oyo state is among the few states with the largest economy in Nigeria, with well-known educational institutions hosted in the state.

Oyo state made up the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria in 2020.

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