Top 10 Most Developed Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Developed Countries in the World (Updated) Top 10 Lists

There are some measures used in ranking a developed country, Things like

i) Economy stability

ii)  Technological advancement and infrastructural growth

iii) The high growth rate of her economy.

The lists of the most developed countries in the world are determined by the Human Development Index (HDI) statistics.

Here are the top 10 lists of the most developed countries in the world

1) Norway

  • Human Development Index = 0.953
  • Population (2019) = 5,378,857
  • Currency: Norwegian krone
  • Official languages: Norwegian

Norway is the most developed country in the world, with its Human Development Index of 0.953.

Norway is a nation that is among the top exporter of oil and gas.

Norway has an extremely high standard of living compared to other European countries. Its HDI increased from 0.949 to 0.953, stealing the one position on this list of top 10 most developed countries in the world.

2) Switzerland

  • Human Development Index = 0.944
  • Population (2019) = 8,591,365
  • Currency: Swiss franc
  • Official languages: French, German, Italian, Romansh

In the previous list, Switzerland is the third most developed country in the world. Still, with an excellent stable growing economy, Switzerland finds its self on the second spot of the most developed countries in the world 10 top lists. The standard of living in Switzerland is also as high as Norway’s.

Apart from foreign investment, the country also relies on its high labour specialization.

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3) Australia

  • Human Development Index = 0.939
  • Population (2019) = 25,203,198
  • Currency: Australian dollar
  • Official languages: English

Australia has one of the largest capitalist economies in the world; Mining and agriculture also make significant contributions to its economy.

Aside from its prosperous economy, healthcare, human development, and civil rights exercised by its citizens make the country the 3rd most developed in the world.

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4) Ireland

  • Human Development Index = 0.938
  • Population (2019) = 4,882,495
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: Irish, English

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. Also, a country separated from Great Britain to its east by the North Channel, the Irish Sea, and St George’s Channel.

Ireland’s economy has been one of the strongest in Europe in recent years, with consistently rising wages and close to zero unemployment rate.

5) Germany

  • Human Development Index = 0.936
  • Population (2019) = 83,517,045
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: German

Germany has the highest percentage of immigrants in its population, with over 10 million people, thereby increasing its population, making them among the highest populated countries.

Germany has a stable growing economy, and they are also well known for the production of cars and reliable engines.

In recent years, Germany was a little bit behind according to the past ranking, but now Germany on the number five spot on the most developed countries in the world.

6) Iceland

  • Human Development Index = 0.935
  • Population (2019) = 339,031
  • Currency: Icelandic króna
  • Official languages: Icelandic

Iceland has a little mineral or agricultural resources because the country is surrounded by water. Nevertheless, fishing industry is the main contributor to Iceland’s economy, boasting of more than half of Iceland’s total exports.

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In a recent ranking, Iceland is a highly developed country, number six on the most developed countries list, and also among the top five in terms of gross domestic product.

Among the top 10, Most Developed Countries In The World Iceland is proven to be the smallest, but they are still doing good.

7) Sweden

  • Human Development Index = 0.933
  • Population (2019) = 10,036,379
  • Currency: Swedish krona
  • Official languages: Swedish

Sweden ranks among the top wealthiest nations on the planet. Also, it’s Advanced Universal Healthcare system with world-class Quality, very high social Security and the Welfare state, High Security, and very low crimes and one of the leading nations in the Human Development Index, making Sweden an Advanced Developed Nation. Source

8) Hong Kong

  • Human Development Index = 0.933
  • Population (2019) = 7,436,154
  • Currency: Hong Kong dollar
  • Official languages: Chinese, English

Hong Kong, which is known as the  Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

The standard of living in Hong Kong is relatively high, like 50–60%.

Both Sweden and Hong Kong are of the same scale in terms of numbers according to the Human Development Index, but Sweden is more stable than Hong Kong

9) Singapore

  • Human Development Index = 0.932
  • Population (2019) = 5,804,337
  • Currency: Singapore dollar
  • Official languages: English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin Chinese
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As of 2011, Singapore has an average life expectancy of 82 years according to the world factbook which placed Singapore as the number 4 position, The only countries to go above this record are Japan, Switzerland, and San Marino.

Singapore was colonized by Malaysia in 1965 and has had its constitution since then.

Singapore, as a country, is more developed than its ex-colonial leader Malaysia.

The manufacturing and services sectors are the main sources of Singapore’s high value-added economy, particularly in the electronics and precision engineering sectors.

10) Netherlands

  • Human Development Index = 0.931
  • Population (2019) = 17,097,130
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: Dutch



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