Is Waec Compulsory?

What is waec?

West African countries founded the west Africa examination council (WAEC) to conduct examinations and award certificates comparable to those of equivalent internationally examining authorities. 

Reasons why waec is compulsory 

  • To test student ability: One of the significant reasons waec is compulsory is to check students’ ability after spending six years surrounded by the four walls.
  • Waec certificate is accepted in and out of Nigeria: The waec result is not limited within the country alone; it is accepted globally. For instance, if you travel to a foreign country to study, you can use your waec result to process admission into a school. It can also be used to process other things.
  • Proof of O’level completion: Waec is used to show proof that a student completed his secondary education.
  • Used for processing admission: it is used when processing admission into Nigeria college of education or higher institution (polytechnic or universities).

What are the Compulsory Subjects in waec?

The compulsory subject Is the general subject which all students must understand. It is different from the department subject. The compulsory subjects are;

1. English language (compulsory for all students)

2. Mathematics (compulsory)

3. Civic education (compulsory)

4. Economic (compulsory)

After choosing the above general subject, students can now add their department subject, making it eight or nine. The compulsory subject for each department include;

What is the compulsory subject for art students?

The compulsory subject for art department students include:

  • Literature in English
  • Government
  • CRK or IRK
  • Yoruba / Igbo / Hausa

What is the compulsory subject for commercial students?

Commercial student compulsory subjects include;

  • Economics
  • Government
  • Accounting
  • Commerce

What is the compulsory subject for science students?

The compulsory subject science students selected during waec registration include;

  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • Geography
  • Agricultural science
  • Physics

How many subjects did you need to do waec?

A student’s minimum subject in the waec examination is eight while the maximum they can attempt is 9.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Compulsory to Pass Maths in Waec?

Yes! waec mandated it that before a student gain admission into any institution he/she must pass mathematics and other compulsory subjects.

What are Social Science Subjects in Waec?

Social science is the major name given to schools subjects in WAEC. The social science subjects mentioned in this section is generally accepted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

  • English Language.
  • Commerce.
  • Geography.
  • Mathematics.
  • Economics.
  • Accounting.
  • Commerce.
  • Marketing.
  • Christian Religious Knowledge.
  • Agriculture.
  • Government.

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