How To Write Article For Blog 2019

How To Write Article For Blog 2019

               How to write article for blog 2019

Here are some steps to take in writing an article for a blog

  • Planning
  • Good Heading
  • Proof Reading
  • Good thinking
  • Images
  • Rough paper work
  • Comfort
  • Being Observant
  • Quality content
  • Focus
  • Interaction
  • Passion


As a blogger you need to have a plan of which article to write and also the Niche in which you are writing. so when you want to write a blog post you need to put this in concentration

Good  Heading

When writing a blog post you need to have a great heading that suits the article and also that will attract quality readers

Spellings Check(Proofreading) 

This is one of the problems some writers are passing through “Spelling” whenever you are writing make sure you have a dictionary with you so you won’t complicate things for you. There are some software in which you can use to correct you bad spelling like “GRAMMARLY”

Be A Good Thinker

 Writing requires lots of  “Thought” you can’t just start writing from now where you must have to give a thought to it,  being a great writer you must be a great thinker.



In every blog post you need to add an image for easy description, when ur images are good and gives readers the details they want then trust me those readers will definitely come back.

Having A Rough PaperWork

 Most writers have a rough paperwork where most of their unfinished work is in, sometimes you might be in an uncomfortable place but when you have a little book where you write down events or some inspirations you have gotten it makes it easier so when  you get to a comfort zone you can compile it to make a great written work.


Writing requires lots of time and energy, Good writers don’t write articles in a bad environment they write in a comfortable environment because when the mind is relaxed it makes thinking easier and writing more fun.

Be Observant

 Most writers write about what happens in their environment whenever they move out they are observant they watch their surrounding so when you couple all this you are good to go.

Content Is Key

 What is content? 

yes some people don’t know what content is,ok let me break it down in blogging terms.

Content is you blog post,it is the written down article you wish to share on your blog, so when you are writing a blog post i need to be well written it has to be unique because you as a blogger have a lot of competitions so when you Content is poorly written your blog tends to loose its worth and you readers tends to vanish. So in writing a good content here are they steps to take

  1. Your heading
  2. Sub heading
  3. Your content heading
  4. The body of your content
  5. Your content summary


As a writer, you need to pay 100% concentration on your writing, this will go a long way to help you.

Being Interactive

In writing a blog post which is meant for your readers you need to carry them along you need to to ask a question after each blog post or ask for their opinion.



This crowns it all in becoming a good and a great writer it must be your passion don’t just write for writing sake, write like you are saying it from your mind, write like you are talking to your self, some writers just write, though it might be  long and okay but that is not it, write like you are telling yourself something very important and trust me you will get the perfect result. And also when writing you can read through other people’s post to see there procedures or how it is being done NOTE: for only newbie,so you can achieve your aim.

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