How To Retrieve GCE Examination Number

The West African Senior School Certificate (WASSCE) is a standardized examination for Anglophone West African students. Students who pass this examination are awarded a certificate indicating that they have completed their secondary school education.

Furthermore, The West African Senior School Certificate is the academic school-leaving certification granted to students who complete the examinations.

Under the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, there are two distinct sorts of examinations:

Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) for school applicants is held in May/June

Final-year students of senior secondary schools are required to take this examination. These students are required to dress appropriately in their school uniform. The result of this examination is always available by August of the same year.

Private Examination: General Certificate Examination (GCE) or  WAEC GCE.

The GCE takes place in November and December and does not require uniforms. However, biometric registration is mandatory, just like in the other examination. This examination is often taken by secondary school graduates who want to make up for any faults in their previous results.

There are specific grades that must be attained before one can gain admission into the university— which is most students’ preferred choice for tertiary education— while some schools may require five credits, including English and Mathematics, while others may need more. Thus, people who do not meet these grades usually sit for the GCE examination to make up. The results for this examination are always available by the end of December.

The WAEC GCE Examination Number

As a candidate for GCE examinations, your examination number is essential! In the West African Examination Council, the examination number is more like an identification.

This number is often given to the examination applicants once they have successfully registered for the GCE examination. This number appears on the WAEC website as it displays and records the candidate’s details.

The GCE examination number is composed of two numbers: your center number and your seat number.

The first seven digits of the GCE examination number is the center number; it is followed by your seat number (also known as candidate number), which comprises the last three digits of your GCE examination number.

The importance of the GCE examination number cannot be overemphasized; without your number, you will be unable to check your examination results.

How To Retrieve Your WAEC GCE Examination Number

Due to specific situations, you may misplace or forget your examination number. Usually, this should pose a significant concern because of its importance. However, you do not need to worry. You can quickly recover your examination number with any of these methods below:

By court affidavit

You may go to a court of law to swear an affidavit for losing your examination number if you cannot locate it. This procedure can also be used to recover any official document.

After you have sworn an affidavit, visit any WAEC office with your affidavit to get your GCE examination number. In addition, you will be required to submit passport pictures to the WAEC office (usually in a white or red background).

Also, you will be required to pay some money at the court and the WAEC office. However, the amount you pay for the affidavit varies depending on the type of court you go to.

By proxy

It is possible to have someone else retrieve your examination number on your behalf if you cannot do it yourself, maybe because you reside or travel outside the country.

There is a process you must follow to retrieve your examination number by proxy. Firstly, you must swear an affidavit in the court of law in the manner stated above. The testimony must be written in a proxy pattern, and this must be indicated on the document as well.

The proxy should proceed to the WAEC office with the following documents: passport photographs of both you (the person who wishes to retrieve the examination number) and the proxy, the affidavit, photocopies of identification cards and international passports, and a letter of authority from you to the WAEC body stating that you have granted authority to the proxy to collect your examination number.

My seat number and school name

WAEC has a database that comprises a list of GCE examination centers’ schools and the center numbers for each center. Fortunately, you can find the WAEC GCE center numbers for schools in Nigeria on the internet.

Finding WAEC center numbers in Nigeria is easy if you have an Internet-enabled device. This is not surprising considering how easy the internet has made everything these days.

If you recall your WAEC GCE seat number, this is the ideal technique for you to use. For this strategy to work, you must also remember the school’s name where you took your examinations.

The beauty of this method is that, unlike the others, you can do it in the comfort of your room.

Search for “WAEC center numbers in Nigeria.” Click on only reputable sites. On the website, go to the “find” or “search” page. Schools in Nigeria offering the WAEC GCE examination will be listed on this page for your convenience.

With the listed schools, locate your center to see the center number. If you cannot find your school, which will be unsurprising considering the significant number of GCE examination centers, search for your school name on the site. Now, you must have located your school. You can then copy the center number.

Simply add your seat number once you have copied the test center number down onto a piece of paper without leaving any gap between them. The seat number is represented by three digits, for example.

The retrieval through school or centers

This is the most common way to retrieve your examination number. Schools often maintain records of students who have taken the WAEC GCE examination. This makes things easier! It would be best to go to the center or school where you took the examination and request the examination number.

Retrieval online

There are web pages and blogs online that you can use to retrieve your examination number. However, this is not completely easy. There are many scam sites online; so, you must be sure that the site is reputable with top ratings.

Because you now have this information at your fingertips, you don’t have to be concerned if you misplace your examination number because it can quickly be recovered. However, it is preferable not to lose it in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popular questions concerning GCE exam number retrival.

Can I check my GCE result without my exam number?

As stated earlier, the GCE examination number combines your center number and your seat number. So, there’s no way you can check your result without this number. However, you can use any of these methods above to get your examination number.

Can I combine it with my GCE results?

Many applicants inquire if their preferred schools will accept O’level results from two sittings. In most cases, combining O’level results or using a “Two sittings Result” is required in cases where a candidate does not have all of the necessary O’level requirements for the intended course of study in a single result, which means that you must provide an additional result to make up for the remaining subject requirements.

If you combine your O’level scores, you will not be at any disadvantage throughout the admissions process. The only time you may be at a disadvantage is if your school of choice chooses to use the number of O’level sittings as one of the critical factors in the admissions process, which is quite unusual nowadays.

Also, you can combine your GCE result with WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results. However, when you connect your GCE result, make sure that you meet the prerequisites for any courses you plan to apply for at your preferred university, regardless of how many sittings you take.

Is WAEC the same as GCE?

The standards of the two examinations are similar in most respects. As earlier stated, both the GCE and the SSCE and GCE are under the West African Examination Council (WAEC). Thus, it is this body that organizes both examinations. While the GCE is a private examination, the SSCE is a public examination. Students may enroll for a maximum of nine subjects and a minimum of seven subjects for these examinations, with Mathematics and English Language being the compulsory subjects.

The use of examination numbers may come when you do not expect. Thus, you must try not to forget this number. However, knowing the importance of this number, you must try to get it back by all means when you lose it.

These methods we have put together will assist you if you lose your examination number. You need to follow any technique from the above-listed you think is suitable for you.

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