How To Pass Waec 2022

According to the body regulating the ‘West Africa Examination Council’ (WAEC) stats over 69% of Nigeria candidates failed the SSCE examination each year. 

With the rate of failure, students have given a lot of opinions saying, their script got missing or examiners willingly dispose it, some said it’s destiny while some agreed that they are the cause of their misfortune. 

But to avoid failure in the 2022 waec examination, I have prepared 9 proven things you need to pass WAEC in 2022.

9 ways to pass WAEC 2022

To get a good result the 2022 waec all you need to do is to follow the instruction given below:

1. Attend classes: one of the major reasons why students go to school is to learn new things by attending class and receiving lectures after which an examination is given to them to confirm if they know what they have been taught.

Therefore if you want to pass your WAEC the first thing you have to do is to attend class regularly and pay full attention to the explanation of your teacher. Whenever you discover you don’t understand what your teacher is teaching you, kindly ask a question so you could understand.

2. Read ahead exam: If you want to pass the exam avoid being lazy. Reading one hour or a day before the commencement of the exam will never help. as a candidate willing to pass the wassce without resiting you must make sure you read your textbooks and manuals and also make sure you do your assignment.

3. Revise what you read: when you revise what you read daily you will never forget it. Using the revising method will make you perform well in the examination hall and also make you not to forget what you have been taught and what you have read.

4. solve past questions: answering questions in past question manuals can widen your scope and make you understand how questions are asked in waec. when solving past questions make sure you set a timer to always measure your progress.

5. Be time conscious: when you discover a question is difficult for you to answer kindly shift to the next one to prevent it from consuming your time.

6. Have a positive mindset:  make sure you have a positive mindset from the first day of your exam. Since you have prepared well for the examination, believe you will pass your examination and also make sure you don’t fear when you are in the exam hall.

7. Write clearly in the exam hall: When answering questions, write vividly and legibly and make sure you don’t use slang. Avoid shorting of long words eg. wat, ryt, gud, etc. using these words can make you lose a mark.

8. Read instructions carefully:  Before you start answering questions make sure you read the instruction carefully to prevent errors when attempting the question.

9. Don’t attempt more than question request: When answering questions in the exam hall, do not attempt more than the question required. For instance, if you are asked to answer (4) questions out of (7) don’t answer all, select the one you can do and leave the three left.

Note: If you try to answer all the questions when you are not required to do so it might lead to the reduction of marks.

Additional info to pass WAEC without malpractice 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the secret of passing WAEC?

The general secret of passing WAEC is by reading your books, reading past questions, having a positive mindset, and doing group revision with your classmate.

How can I pass my WAEC with top grades?

you can pass waec with top grades by reading, attending class regularly, organizing group study with your colleague, and following instructions.

What are the dos and don’t of WAEC exam?

The dos and don ts of waec examination include:

  1. Do not go into the hall with implicating material e.g., mobile phone, micro sheet, mobile wrist watch e.t.c
  2. Read the instruction carefully.
  3. Do not move your head from one place to another
  4. Avoid leaving the hall without informing the supervisor
  5. Do go to the examination hall early.
  6. Do not attempt more than the question requested
  7. Avoid bad writing habit.

Is waec difficult to write?

Waec is difficult to write for those who have not been reading their books. According to the way WAEC organize questions, if candidates read and prepare for the exam he/she will come out with flying colors.

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