How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

How To Monetize Your Facebook Page

According to Facebook, Pages can earn money from their content if they meet the Partner Monetization Policies.
Let me just go straight to the point.

What is Facebook Monetization?

As the name implies, Facebook monetization can be described as the act of making money by leveraging Facebook as a monetization platform.
You’re here to earn money from something of value you provide to your audience.
Imagine having a lot of Fans without making out from your Page, this will remain true wherever you are because you’re building a brand that’s made to last.
This is just like monetizing a YouTube Channel.
Firstly, you need to check if your Page is Eligible or not because you will need to meet their eligibility criteria to use monetization tools and some tools might have additional requirements.
So, you will need to review which of your FB Page is Eligible and apply for Access then you’ll receive their email after your application has been reviewed.
Now, over to the steps…
  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. On the left, click the Monetization tab.
  3. Select the Page you want to check.
  4. Click Apply.

You will be taken to the Monetization Eligibility Checker, where you can see and review your status.

  • Green: Congratulations! Your Page is ready to earn money.
  • Yellow: Your Page has a few issues that may be impacting it’s ability to earn money.
  • Red: Your Page has serious issues. You cannot use this Page to earn money at this time.
You will see some options for the eligibility access like:

✓ In-Stream Ads;

Click on View Criteria – This will display to you the numbers of followers you need to Grow, the total number of views you need to have on the videos uploaded.
So, as for the Followers, you must have a good amount of followers before you can be eligible for video streaming, You need to get 30,000 1-Minute views of at least 3 Minute views of Videos (Just like a Watch time of YouTube) in the last 60 days.

✓ Brand Collabs Manager;

Click on view Criteria – From here, you will be able to earn money from paid partnerships with brands that want to collaborate on creating and sharing content with your audience.
You can click on View Criteria to check if you meet up with their criteria.
So, you must have a minimum of 1000 followers before you can use Brand Collabs Followers Manager to monetize your Page, you need 15,000 post engagements in the last 60 days,180,000 minutes viewed between all of your videos in the last 60 days,
In the last 60 days, you needed 30,000 1-minute views of videos that are at least 3 minutes long.
Now, if you successfully meet up with either IN-STREAMS ADS or BRAND COLLABS MANAGER, then you are free to apply and the Facebook team will get back to you via your email after your Page has been reviewed.
Thanks for reading…
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