Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria (Updated)

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

download 12 Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria (Updated)

Are you a student in Nigeria, specifically at Nigeria university? As a student in a Nigerian university, you are exposed to many things in which money can solve, making you need excess cash in which sometimes your respective parents cannot afford.

All thanks to the Internet(online) which was brought to Nigeria in the year 1995 ever since then people have been making it big time online, especially the youths, technically students.

Why do you need to make money as a student in Nigeria?

  • It serves as a possibility to have pocket money or a source of income
  • It makes you independent as some parents can’t afford some bills for there kids
  • Gives you a 50% to 70% chance of being successful after graduation

In this article, I will show you how to make money online as a student in Nigeria that will not clash with your school schedule.

1) Drop-Shipping

In the previous years, Dropshipping has been the trend of the town as people share their stories on how they started with little capital and are now making it huge with six figures.

This is a means whereby you pre-order an item/items

and show the samples to your targeted customers and when an order is made you get the item/items and sell to the customer at a higher rate.

There are some online stores where you can pre-order an item/items from a Foreign country to Nigeria

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i) Alibaba

ii) Aliexpress

They also provide a means of shipping them from overs to Nigeria, or you can use shipping agents like DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT/Aramex and more.

This will not affect your school schedule as you can choose when to deliver the item at your convenient time

2) Freelancing

What is Freelancing? A freelancer, or independent contractor, is a self-employed individual who doesn’t have to be committed to a single, long-term employer. Instead, they work independently for several different companies or clients.

Do you know How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria through this method? If not, then give it a try by helping others do what you know how to do best.

There are various Freelancing services to offer like

  • Article writing
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Brand promotion

There are some websites where you can render your services

Here are a few of the sites

i) Fiverr

ii) Guru

iii) Upwork

iv) Freelancer

v) Hirewriters.com

vi) Iwriter.com

vii) Airtasker.com

viii) Funds for writing

ix) Listverse

x) Top Tenz and many more.

3) Blogging

This is the most tactical part of How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria is you need to have “Data” to run this, but nevertheless it is still a great way to make money online as a student in Nigeria all thanks to the platform Google rolled out called Google Adsense where you make money per click all you need to do is to write a quality article.

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There are various blogging platform which are

i) WordPress

ii) Blogger

iii) Tumblr

and many more.

Click here on how to write an article for your blog

Some Bloggers are making millions monthly.

4) Vlogging 

Many people are earning money on YouTube, and you are not exempted as a student. The best way to do that is to create a YouTube video tutorial, and sell them to companies or make money per impression through Google Adsense for video. All you need is a superior quality camera, and you can do it with your Smartphone.

Aside from video tutorials, you can upload funny/comedy videos, and you also get paid.

5) Paid Surveys Online

This is a means whereby a brand of a particular product pays you for your honest opinion or contributions as regards to the product or service offered by the brand or company.

You can earn up to $2 to $10 cash per Survey depending on the company’s pay while some companies pay with gift cards and other prizes that can be redeemed.

Here are some Survey companies you can start with today;

There are also other means on How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

Different Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

These are some of the ways you make money as a student in Nigeria we couldn’t cover in detail. You can learn more about them by doing research online or asking other students who have also started these businesses.

  • Become a Jumia seller agent click here to start
  • Baking services
  • Popcorn business
  • Room painting and artwork services
  • Used clothes(Okirika) business
  • Outdoor catering services
  • House Agent services
  • Kerosene or Gas retail services
  • Laundry(Dry cleaning) services
  • Home tutor services
  • Music DJ services
  • MC/Stand-up comedian for shows/events
  • Phone/Laptop repairs and services
  • POS services, Eg PAGA
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I hope you have learned how to make money as a student in Nigeria? If you are having any challenges, you can contact me with the contact form, or you can comment under this post I will be at your service.

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