How to get google adsense approval 2020

How to get google adsense approval 2020

How to get google AdSense approval 2020

We all know that Google is strict in approving blogs for google AdSense program; that is why I wrote this article “How to get google AdSense approval 2020” ok here are some facts to look into before applying. First, your blog needs to be one month old and six months old for Asian countries.

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1) Having a custom Domain Name

Using a regular domain like, eg, ..Blogspot or .wordpress blog will make google see your blog as a non-active blog and also not serious don’t get me wrong you can still get approved with these domains but to stay on a safer side you need a custom domain name, So your first step to take when applying for Google Adsense is to get a custom domain name like .com,.ng, and so on you can get them for any of these providers
and many more, then you are getting there.

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2) Blog Design

When you first create a blog and want Google to approve you for the AdSense program, then you need to get a good website designer ( you can contact me) that will give your blog a clean design with the navigation that is user-friendly just like mine, Fast loading, honest and straightforward.

3) Unique Content

Google only approves publishers that are competent, active and reliable; you must have a well-written content/posts before you can be qualified for Adsense, program you can hire a quality content writer and pay them monthly or you hire a freelancer that will write articles for you not you going around stealing people’s articles that is called plagiarism, mind you Google hates that so be unique.

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4) Quality content

I once helped a client fix an issue; the client has unique content did all but got rejected. Still, after checking the client’s blog I found out that each post has less than 500 words which are a no for Google to get AdSense approval, you need to start writing quality post with nothing less than one thousand five hundred(1,500) words because this will give Google the impression that you are not some Robot.

I can say 600 words is okay, but for a start, you need at least one thousand (1000) words you can click HERE if you find it difficult in writing good and lengthy content for your blog

How to get google AdSense approval 2020

5) Navigation

You need to have clear shipping to channel users on how to find an article in your blog.


6)  Pages

You need to create an about us, Contact us, and Privacy policy Pages because this will make Google see you as a reliable blogger, not some spammer or robot you can generate a Privacy policy here website policy generator. And lastly.

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7) Pictures

Want to get google AdSense approval in 2020? Then I think you need to stop downloading images from Google; some pictures are copyrighted you cant download people’s photos from Google and start using them without knowing if it is copyrighted or not, there are image hosting a website where you can download copyright-free picture like;
or when you want to download an image from google click on tools, then click on usage right then select the label for reuse with with all these, I think you are ready to go but if after you have done all these and still rejected then feel free to contact me.

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