How To Fix Ajax URL Not Defined In WordPress

how to fix ajax url not defined pluginsHow To Fix Ajax URL Not Defined In WordPress

I know how frustrating it is to find bugs in your WordPress site, Trust me I know how it feels.

Do you have these issues ‘Ajax URL Not Defined’ in your WordPress site? if yes then I got the answer, having faced this issue before I now know how to tackle it so I will share it with you.

Here are a few steps to take

1) Disable all Cache Plugins

Sometimes Cache plugins might be the problem, you can disable it to see if it has been resolved if not then we go to the next step

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2) Disable AMP For WP

This plugin here has been the major cause of the Ajax URL Not Defined in WordPress, sometimes some people joke around with the ‘Advanced Settings’ without knowing they are hurting their website.

There is an option in the plugins that say, ‘Convert AMP to WP theme (Beta)’, if you turn this on and your website template is not compactable, it will break your site and that is where you get the Ajax URL not defined error because your WordPress theme is not compactable with the setup.

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After trying these steps and you still can’t fix it you can contact me at [email protected]

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