How To Create JAMB Profile

Candidate preparation and equipping oneself with the relevant knowledge is critical as the JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in 2022 approaches.

Perhaps taking computer-based tests is unfamiliar territory for you, or you lack confidence in your ability to use a mouse, keyboard, and other computer-related devices. First and foremost, don’t be concerned about it; it’s as easy as staring at the computer screen and pressing a single button.

If you’re already a computer whiz, that alone will help alleviate a lot of the stress associated with your exams. Although this post is not specifically on how to use a computer, you will find it helpful since we will be looking at the most vital process for registering for the JAMB exams — How to Create your JAMB profile.

Did you know that you must first establish a Jamb profile before you can register to participate in Jamb 2022 registration?

The development of a Jamb profile is the first stage of enrolling for the JAMB-UTME in 2022/2023. Other steps include:

  • ·        Acquiring a Jamb E-pin registration.
  • ·        Registering for Jamb.
  • ·        Taking a practice test.
  • ·        Taking the Jamb cbt examination.
  • ·        Receiving Jamb results.
  • ·        Applying for admission.

As a result, every applicant planning to compete in the Jamb 2020 Utme test should create an account on the Jamb website.

What Is A JAMB Profile?

Several new candidates who are registering for the 2021 JAMB for the first time do not know much about the JAMB profile, much alone being able to create one on their own.

The JAMB profile is a user account on the Jamb’s website that provides information about the applicant who has registered for the jamb 2022 exam. Creating a JAMB Profile enables the individual to obtain a P pp p registration pin after completing the process.

You will do various tasks on the JAMB’s website by logging into your JAMB profile, which includes the following. The duties include exam center verification, admission status verification, printing and viewing the JAMB results, and printing admission letters.

The vast majority of jamb applicants believe that creating a JAMB profile is a challenging task. For this reason, JAMBites frequent cyber cafes and part with their money.

A JAMB profile is nothing more than creating a user account on a service that stores your personal information and then logging in. In today’s world, you may make your profile even from your mobile phone.

How to Create a JAMB Profile for the JAMB UTME in 2022

You have three options for creating a 2022 profile for your exam. The following are the three options available:

·        Sending an SMS/Text Message is simple.

·        Through the Jamb’s official website.

·        Making use of the Jamb Android application.

Note that this JAMB registration code supplied by JAMB is the one you’ll be required to carry with you to the CBT Center during registration to verify that your registration with the educational organization is recognized and validated.

Text Message/SMS Instructions for Creating Your Jamb Profile

Follow the methods outlined in this post to successfully create your profile using your smartphone (text/SMS) and the Internet.

Send your first name, middle name, and last name (where appropriate). The maximum length should be 38 characters plus two spaces after names, for a total length of 40 characters, to the JAMB short code of 55019.

Only one applicant may have access to a mobile number.

The confirmation number is ten characters in length and is provided to the applicant at the same phone number as the application. It will be used to obtain the epin profile.

To correct an error in the candidate’s name, send an SMS message to 55019 with the text “CORRECT Surname First name Middle name” from the candidate’s registered phone.

If you have misplaced your confirmation code, you may resend an SMS message with the word “RESEND” to the number 55019 (from your registered phone).

We recommend that you use a computer system or a laptop to establish the account that you wish to use for your business. To finish the procedure on your mobile device, you should avoid using OperaMini and instead use Google Chrome, which is more reliable.

It is required that you have a valid email address to finish the procedure successfully. You must have a YahooMail or Gmail account to participate. They are the most reliable mail provider to employ for this kind of application. If you do not already have a YahooMail account, you can easily create one.

Once you’ve determined the substance of the Jamb profile, you may go on to the next step. The procedures that follow will assist you in creating a successful Jamb profile for your organization.

By going here, you may access the Jamb’s official website.

You will notice a log-in button beside the Post-registration facility. Click on it to access the facility.

To log in, click on the login button.

A new page will be shown.

To begin creating your Jamb profile, click on the Create New Account option.

It will be necessary for you to validate your email address.

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Popular JAMB Profile FAQs

You may also find the following information beneficial for yourself or others in your immediate vicinity.

Is it possible to utilize my profile from last year for the 2022 admissions?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is not suggested.

Because of the possibility of succession mix-ups throughout the admission process, I recommend that you establish a new profile for this year’s UTME.

All you’ll need is a new email address and phone number that’s not the same as the one you used before.

However, because of the embargo, which is in effect throughout the country and states that new SIM registration should be put on hold, most applicants who took the JAMB exam last year may be obliged to use the same number they used before. As a result, you will need to utilize the profile from the previous year.

Meanwhile, if you wish to continue using your existing profile, you must copy your profile code to purchase the new form. If this is what you desire, it will function just perfectly. You may need to send RESEND to 55019 on the same line you used last year.

Can I utilize my JAMB profile from the previous year’s email address?

Yes, it is possible!

If you are still using the previous profile code, it has already been connected to the original email you received it. As a result, you are left with no choice except to continue using the old email address.

If you prefer to start again with a new profile, you may (and should) use a different email address as well as a different phone number.

Can I continue to use the phone number that I used last year?

Yes, it is possible.

The phone number is applicable for the admissions activities taking place this year. Therefore, you may utilize it to get your new profile code by submitting your NIN (space) followed by your 11-digit NIN to the number 55019.

Meanwhile, if you continue to use the old phone number, you will be compelled to continue using the old profile. That is to say; if you request a profile code using the number 55019 again, you will be given the same profile code that you were given last year.

Can two or more applicants use the same phone number to get a Profile Code?

According to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, admission aspirants were advised not to use the same phone number as their friends while obtaining their profile numbers.

Once a candidate calls the code-getting line, their name is associated with the number.

Is it possible to get the profile code using my parent’s or relative’s phone number?

You may get your JAMB profile code by calling either your parent’s phone number. There’s nothing wrong with it from a technological standpoint. Remember that you should not use a number already used for JAMB in the past or this year by another applicant.

And make sure that your parent will continue to use the line in the future actively. This is because you may need it for other purposes, such as changing universities or courses.

Also, while sending the message, use your NIN number to avoid confusion. It is not acceptable to utilize the NIN of the other line’s owner.

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