How To Collect Waec Certificate

In this article, I will show you how to collect your waec result without any problem when applying for it and explain the difference between private and school candidates.

According to the way waec program the examination, it is set to be done three times in a year. Each year, candidates who participate in the waec examination can be categorized into two 1. (School candidate) 2. (Private candidate). 

Difference Between School Candidate And Private Candidate

The difference between the candidate is not complex the way you view it. The school candidates are the ones who register for their waec examination at their various schools, while the private candidates are external candidates.

How To Collect Waec Certificate On Waec Portal

The collection of waec certificates online is prepared for the private candidate (external candidate) only. School candidates (internal candidates) are urged to visit their respective schools to have their certificate after 6month of collecting the result. You can collect your waec certificate on the waec portal by following the instruction below;

  1. Visit the certification website at
  2. Click on the Certificate Request Tab to request your waec certificate.
  3. Select the Examination Diet, e.g., Private Candidates First Series or Private Candidates Second Series.
  4. Select the Examination Year, i.e., 2019, 2021.
  5. Input your WAEC Examination Number your ten-digit Examination Number (Centre Number plus your three digits Candidate No)
  6. After inputting the date and exam number, click on the continue button to check if your certificate is available or not. If it’s available, you can make payment online for the service or print out the payment slip and visit any bank for offline payment.
  7. After confirmation of payment by waec, then you can Wait for your Original WAEC Certificate to be processed and delivered to your preferred WAEC Office in your area.

How To Collect Your Waec Result At Waec Office

To acquire the waec result, private candidates are prompted to visit the nearest waec office in their state while school candidates are to collect it at their respective school. Before you visit the waec office for the collection of your certificate, you must prepare the item listed below, which include; 

  1. A passport photograph
  2. SWORN Affidavit
  3. Photocard
  4. Identity card
  5. Computer print out of the result
  6. N5,000 cash 

Who Can Collect The Waec Certificate?

According to waec, both private students and school candidate can obtain their certificate. Therefore, private candidates are prompted to visit the waec website to request their certificate while school candidates visit their school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take To Get Your WAEC Certificate?

For quick delivery of the certificate, candidates must provide valid means of identification at the pick-up location. The certificate processing uses up to 10-30 days before arrival.

Can I get my Wassce Certificate Online?

YES! you can get your wassce certificate online by visiting to process it. Note this process applies to private candidates (external candidates) only. School candidates are prompt to receive their certificate at their school.

Can I get my WAEC Certificate From Any WAEC Office?

You can get your waec certificate from any waec office, but before you visit their office, make sure you provide all the necessary documents listed below;

  1. One passport photograph
  2. SWORN Affidavit
  3. Photocard
  4. Identity card
  5. Computer print out of the result
  6. N5,000 cash 

How Much Does It Cost To Get WAEC Certificate?

During the processing of waec certificate, candidates are expected to pay the sum of N3,500. Note the amount of the money you will pay to receive your certificate varies on how long the certificate has been in waec custody. The price for the collection of waec certificate include;

  • 0 – 4 years = N3,500. 
  • 5 – 9 years = N8,500. 
  • 10 – 14 years = N13,500.
  • 15 – 19 years = N15,500.
  • 20 years and above = N23,500.

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