Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

                          Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Being a student is not all that rosy and cheap as you will by text books/handouts,pay for transport to and fro the school premises,take care of you feeding and other miscellaneous.
More than 50% of parents in Nigeria fall in between poor and average in terms of standard of living making it it hard for student in Nigeria to survive.

That is why i wrote down these few steps on (business ideas for students in nigeria)that will guide you throughout your schooling in the university without jeopardizing your career in medling or engaging oneself in an illegal act to make money.

This article contains  Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria without affecting your school schedule.

Here are 10 great business ideas which you can consider doing while in school;

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1. Tutoring

There are many Parents who work full time and are mostly far from home that can equally pay you to teach their kids the subject they find difficult at school.
You can as well teach your fellow student in department there are some students that finds its difficult to understand certain course due to some issues best known to him/her,some student are so lazy that they cant even do there assignment,so there you go you can make money solving there assignment tutoring them.

2. Online retailing

This is the means whereby you buy goods at a cheap price and sell directly to the consumer online.
you can do a mini importation from store like Ali Baba,Ali express and more, or you can equally go to a wholesales market near you so you buy cheaper.
You can start selling on some platform like Jumia/Konga/Jiji and more or you sell through social platforms like Facebook/Twitter and Instagram.

3. Graphic design

Graphic design is a big shot right now especially due to the rate of people creating new websites. Web designers need graphic designers to help them create banners, logos and other similar materials used in making the website beautiful.

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There is also a vast number of opportunities offline that graphic designers can tap into including designing logos, business cards, brochures and business cards for various small and large organizations.

4. Freelance writing

Another business idea for a Nigerian student in Nigeria is to become a freelance Writer. You can find a lot of freelance writing jobs on websites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, Fiverr and other micro-job websites.
and you can also write a guest post on a know website and get famous it the post is a great one.

5. Blogging

For me i think this is one of the best business ideas for students in nigeria, but it has some glitches but nevertheless it is still good business though it might take time but you make more on it all you need is an Internet and a Laptop.
it is ok as a newbie for you not to know how to write an article for a blog click here on how to write an article for blog

6. Hairdressing

This is a good idea for female students. You can help your fellow female students to make their hair and charge them a token for it. You can choose to do this on weekends just to avoid undue interference with your academic work.

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7. Event planning

Event planning is another easy business you can do as a student especially since most events fall during the weekend when there is little or no school work to be done.
as you can anchor weddings,birthday parties and more you can even be an Uche,Mc,Dj and more.

8. Pet breeding

Another great business that can make you a student millionaire in no time is pet breeding. Imported dog breeds like Alsatians, Rottweilers and German Shepherds are some of the pets in very high demand in the Nigerian market, as a baby Rottweiler can be sold up to 200 thousand Naira per puppy.

9. Sewing

You can also make money from helping other students to sew and mend their clothes.

10. Web design

Lastly, you should consider becoming a web designer. Although you mind need to spend some time learning the skills but as soon as you grab hold the skills, there are no limit to what you can earn from web designing even as a student.
As you can become a Blogger,A Freelancer and many more all in one.

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