Best Seo Plugins For WordPress 2019

Best Seo Plugins For WordPress 2019

Best Seo Plugins For WordPress 2019

Back in the years getting ranked on the first page on Google is not a big task to achieve as long as you write a lengthy post,

but Nowadays it’s not like that because Google has improve it’s Crawler, Now for you to beat the best.

Check out these useful WordPress Seo plugins

1) RankMath: I so love this plugins so much , it very easy to use,helps you generate Site map,Robot.txt and so much more and guess what?

yea you guessed right it’s fully free! This plugins was made my MYTHEMESSHOP to help wordpress users rank high on Google search.

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2) Yoast SEO(premium):this plugin is also great just like the RankMath,it’s also easy to use also it also generates site map and robot.txt,

Yoast has a free version and the Premium version the disadvantage of this plugins is that the free version is limited.

3) All in One SEO Pack(premium):

4) SEMrush:




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