Lists Of Top Best Rechargeable Fans In Nigeria

Best Rechargeable  Fans In Nigeria

In this article we will be discussing the top best Rechargeable fans in Nigeria, In Nigeria today power is one of the major problem couple with the hot weather condition making it unbearable at-times.

Some Fan manufacturers has it in their best interest to come out with something that suit the country’s nature, by creating a rechargeable fan, you can buy most of these fans in Nigeria, i will try my best to list them out.

Here are the lists of the best rechargeable fans in Nigeria according to battery capacity, some are small and carriable while some are not.

Lists Of The Best Rechargeable Fans In Nigeria

1) Lontor 12-Inch Rechargeable Fan

Lontor 12 inch rechargeable fan tops the lists, it comes with a 6V 4.5 AH battery and a three speed engine.

Never underestimate this fan, it might be small but comes with a good battery life.

2) Bianco Power o6 18/16-Inch Rechargeable Fan

When we talk about Fans Bianco Power should come to your mind, it also comes with 2 X 6V 4.5 Ah battery  and also a 3 speed engine.

It comes with a USB port so it can be used a power bank, it also comes with flash light. aside from being durable, Bianco Power happens to be one of the cheapest fans in Nigeria.

3) Qasa 18 Inch Rechargeable Fan

Just Like Bianco Power, QASA comes with a 12V 4.5 AH battery, It is rated 33W and one of the best rechargeable fans around with 5 speed capability.

This products comes with a solar panel which makes it one of the best fans in Nigeria.

4) OX 18 Inch Rechargeable Fan

You won’t mention fans in Nigeria without mentioning OX fans, they happened to be among the oldest fans brand in Nigeria.

Ox 18 inch rechargeable fan is packed with five blades for efficient air flow, also it comes with a 8 hours long lasting battery. it also durable and affordable.

5) UKA 16 Inch  Rechargeable Fan

The UKA 16-inch Rechargeable fan is a brand under the umbrella of Haier Thermocool, this is among the best rechargeable fans in Nigeria, it is affordable and has a durable battery that can last for more than 5-9 hours.

6) Andrakk 18 Inch Rechargeable Fan

Andrakk is one of the first brand to make rechargeable fans in Nigeria, it comes with a lasting 5-8 hours battery life and also a USB port and a solar panel.

7) ScanFrost 18 Inch Rechargeable Fan

The ScanFrost Rechargeable fan 18″ comes with remote control, a  five-speed settings and a fully functional mobile charger.

ScanFrost comes with a discharging and over charging protection feature, you wont have to worry about the safety of your battery.

These are the lists of rechargeable fans in Nigeria, you can contact me incase you need Bianco Power fans or follow Bianco Power on Facebook Facebook or you check up the website

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